Master Tarot Deck
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Master Tarot Deck

An Ancient System To Expand Your Metaphysical Powers

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Master Tarot Deck

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  • 78 Beautifully painted and timeless images that speak directly to your inner wisdom.
  • New and improved deck with original Astrology Answers designed cards. Upgrade to the definitive Master Tarot Deck with your purchase today!
  • The deck comes in a sturdy box to keep your cards protected when not in use.
  • Consult the cards daily for insight into any situation or problem.
  • Expand your own mental prowess... Use your cards to connect directly with your Spirit Guides as you read for yourself, your friends or family!
  • Clear away negative energy and increase your ability to manifest all that you desire by working with the "power cards" of the Major Arcana!
  • Discover which archetypes speak most powerfully to you .... then meditate upon them and achieve your full metaphysical powers!

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I just KNEW there had to be a way to understand what was wrong with my relationship! My new, Master Tarot Deck explained it to me in the very first reading. Now I can move on without feeling guilty. Thank you VERY much!
Annette DeSoto, United Kingdom
Shocked. That's all I can say. My best friend had been telling me to try the tarot for more than a year. I refused to believe her and would never let her do a reading for me ... until yesterday. The reading was so accurate that I ordered my own Master Tarot Deck right away. I can hardly wait for it to arrive!
Suzanne Peters, Minnesota, USA
After 10 years of dealing with a miserable job just to 'make ends meet' I finally got the exact guidance I needed with your Master Tarot deck. It gave me the clarity to see I could change jobs without destroying my income. Today I'm happily employed with a new firm - and a great boss. Thanks!
Roger Condon, Florida, USA

Adrian The Tarot has long been used as a tool of divination... in fact, this ancient practice first came to the western world in the early 14h century, when it entered Europe from Egypt.

While these hand-painted cards may have been used among common folk as "playing cards," magicians, alchemists and sages used the Tarot to divine the future and fortunes of themselves, and the rulers they served.

Today, the Tarot is a tool you can use to tap into that alchemical power, interpret the "hidden" messages, meanings and patterns of your life, and have a daily resource to shape a destiny that's in line with your desires...

Think of it as a little gift from us at Astrology Answers...