About us

About usAt Astrology Answers, our philosophy is simple: each of us possesses incredible talents and strengths – we just need a little help here and there to make our dreams a reality. And it’s this truth that guides us when we create and collect our products.

Our community includes readers and clients from around the world and they’ve allowed us to be a part of their individual journeys, giving us incredible insight into their immediate needs. It’s this insight that has helped us create our programs and choose our products, knowing that each one would serve an important purpose.

The result is what you see here…

Guided meditations and personalized astrology readings… Reiki and chakra stones, tarot cards, our incredible metaphysical experts and of course, our beautiful collection of esoteric jewelry, all carefully selected to help you unleash your genius and live your truth.

So, as you browse our site, know that every item you see has an amazing story behind it and was chosen for its ability to heal, to guide and to unlock your inner potential so that you could create the powerful, joy-filled life you deserve.

And if you have questions or need assistance, you only have to ask. Just call us for live chat support, 24/7, at 1-866-329-7640 or email us at support@astrologyanswers.com.

To learn more about Astrology Answers and what we do, visit our main website at AstrologyAnswers.com.